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3750: Sales Management

Prerequisites: MKTG 3700 and MGMT 3600. (MGMT 3600 may be taken concurrently). Also a minimum campus GPA of 2.0. the aim of this course is to provide an understanding of how selling is critical to the success of marketing. The course will promote critical thinking skills as well as practical selling skills needed in a competitive marketplace. Course topics include, among others, selling principles & techniques, understanding of the tasks and roles of the sales manager, the management of sales professionals within an organization, developing and applying effective persuasive communications, creating a vision, developing and implementing a sales-team strategy, structuring sales-force, designing and assigning territories, recruiting, training, motivation and evaluating salespeople, methods of compensation, and forecasting sales. The emphasis will be on ways the sales-force can be molded to build long-lasting relationships with customers through the systematic analysis and solution of customer's problems.
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