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1020: Contemporary Mathematics

Prerequisites: A satisfactory score on the UMSL Math Placement Examination, obtained at most one year prior to enrollment in this course. This course presents methods of problem solving, centering on problems and questions which arise naturally in everyday life. Topics may include aspects of algebra, the mathematics of finance, probability and statistics, exponential growth, and other topics chosen from traditional and contemporary mathematics which do not employ the calculus. It is designed for students who do not plan to take calculus and may not be used as a prerequisite for other mathematics courses. Credit will not be granted for MATH 1020 if credit has been granted for MATH 1310, MATH 1800, MATH 1100, MATH 1102, or MATH 1105. Concurrent enrollment in MATH 1020 and any of these courses is not permitted. This course fulfills the University's general education mathematics proficiency requirement.
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